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Cole has been taking orders from Dis, the nefarious warlock ruler, his entire life. He does his job and doesn’t ask too many questions, which is the only reason why he’s still breathing. His newest order? Annihilate the witches of Cantor. When he snatches Andrea from her home, Cole can’t suppress the gnawing suspicion she may just be his only hope in overthrowing the oppressive leader and saving what’s left of his family from collapse.

The only thing Andrea Connelly can do is survive. Dragged from her home, she’s been thrust into a nightmare she doesn’t understand, but she isn’t one to just lay down and die. Refusing to give up, Andrea must convince her kidnapper that he’s stronger with her at his side since it’s only together that they’ll be able to escape those who seek to destroy them both.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains violent situations including sexual assault, kidnapping, and graphic scenes of torture. It also contains naughty love scenes, a warlock in search of redemption, and a kickass woman who takes it all in stride. While the novel does end with a (mild) cliffhanger, there is a HEA. For maximum enjoyment, it is not recommended to read this book out of order. Intended for mature audiences only. 


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