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Wild and Untamed – out now!

Thanks to a love spell gone wrong, Beth Muller is being hunted. Her chances of survival on her own? Zero. Beth may be in denial about the whole thing, but she’s still assigned a werewolf protector who’s managed to get under her skin. Now Beth’s goal is to make him as crazy as he’s making her with his brooding and sultry looks.

Kaleb Azarov has better things to do than play babysitter, like running his family-owned bar and keeping out of the trouble brewing in the Netherworld. But when his brother calls, he doesn’t have a choice but to agree to protect the sexy human who drives him to distraction. Keeping her safe may just be impossible if he can’t get her to recognize the danger she’s in from the Netherworld, their enemies, and his own overwhelming need to claim her.

Wild and Untamed is live!