Racing Toward the Finish

Hey all,

Today I find myself racing toward the finish line.  Another 10k words or so and I’ll be completed with the first draft of my first book.  Awesome, right?  I think so.

Getting through 7k words in a day has never been an issue for me as long as I have the time, the right playlist and minimal distractions (I’m sorry Facebook, but you’re going to have to go away today).  Pushing it to 10k+ is doable as long as I’m chugging away at full speed over the next 10-12 hours.

So, here’s the problem(s).  Tomorrow is the first day of the summer semester.  Yay!  And on day one, we have our first test which is double the fun.  Over the past few weeks I’ve basked in the glory of having all of this free time to work and write.  Now I get to add school to the list of stuff I have to do yet again.  Hooray…

Since this is the last day of my summer vacation, I feel like finishing the book is even more important (not worried about the test – I know my shit).  With that in mind, I sit down in front of my computer screen, crack my knuckles and prepare for many hours of writing.  And I’m blocked.  F*cking fantastic.

The way I see it, I have two (maybe three) options.

Option 1:  I could walk away and give the book a rest until the summer semester ends because, let’s face it, writing when I’m supposed to be studying is never a good idea.  But do I really want to put off finishing my story for another 8 weeks?  Um, no.  Not to mention that’s just difficult.  I have the feel of the story now and to put it off only means that it’s going to be that much more difficult to get back into it.

Option 2:  I could sit here and try to figure out what’s blocking me.  Is it that I don’t know where the scene is supposed to go?  Yes and no.  Am I sad because I’ve invested so much time and energy into this story and these characters that now as I approach the end, it’s just going to be hard to say goodbye?  Maybe.  But really, what choice do I have?  I have to finish or I’ll just be repeating the same thing I’ve done countless times before.  Starting and stopping.  And everyone knows how far that’s taken me.

Option 2.5:  In addition to figuring out what’s blocking me, I could sit here and just pound out something.  ANYTHING.  After all, editing is done for a reason.  I know how the book is going to end, but as of right now, it is getting there that is the problem.  Perhaps bullshitting my way through for now is what I’m going to have to do and then fix it later.  Fingers crossed, maybe in doing that I’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t and thus break through the block.

Wish me luck.

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