Ready to Edit – FINALLY!

It took me longer than I wanted, but I finally finished the rough copy of the first book in my series.  And what followed was a long sigh of relief…

I write in Scrivener, so I went ahead and compiled the document into Word to see what I was dealing with.  It ended up being 286 pages that still need to be edited (yikes!).  So any relief I was feeling before is now gone.  How am I supposed to find the time and the energy to sit down and go through page after page after page…?

Writers have done it before with much larger works than mine.  Poor Tolstoy managed to find the energy to edit “War and Peace”, so why can’t I?  After all my book shouldn’t put me into a comatose state like “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina” did.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  (Go Tolstoy for rocking it out!)

I also have the most amazing friends who have been pushing me to finish this since I began brain storming last summer.  They sat there and didn’t strangle me when I went on for hours and hours and hours, trying to figure out the most minute details of my plot and story world.  And when I started going on and on about the genetic code of warlocks, they didn’t unfriend me from Facebook or set my computer on fire.  That’s love and support right there. 

Now is the point in time where I will use their input more than ever before.  There are a bunch of people willing to help me edit (once I go through it myself once or a dozen times) and all of whom bring something unique to the table.  Some people have even read the rough copy several times, gave me all sorts of ideas, and then didn’t kill me when I trashed what they had just read.  Some are avid readers of the genre I write who have unwavering opinions about how these types of books need to be written.  Others are sticklers for grammar and are able to identify the passive voice is an instant (and will yell at me about it).

So, now that you’ve read all of my mumbo jumbo, the SparkNotes version is this:  With the right friends, anything is possible and with my friends, editing shouldn’t send me into full on panic mode because they have my back.  It will be a breeze.  😉

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