The Age of Technology

Last night I decided to explore the world of Twitter. I’ve never “tweeted” before, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I created my account and started following a few people. I still don’t really know what they’re saying, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

And the symbols? The “@” and the “#”? I kind of get it since Facebook has started using the same symbols, but if it weren’t for that I’d be completely lost.

Technology just amazes me. Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or Blogspot, it’s all interesting to me. I may not completely understand it, but I am fascinated. When I was younger, I used to think that in order to write, I needed a typewriter. I had this ancient blue monstrosity that was loud and vibrated (and made my fingers numb on occasion). Now I get to type of my touch screen laptop, which – thanks to my father’s wallet – is a wonderful piece of equipment that I can use for both school and work. I love it.

In fact, I don’t even need to use Microsoft Word anymore to write my stories. I have invested in Scrivener (which, if you’ve never heard of it, I highly recommend looking into – it’s WONDERFUL). I can jump from scene to scene without the single click. I can edit, rearrange, trash (and yet not delete it), and keep all of my research in one place in one easy location.

There are all kinds of tools out there to help us struggling authors. There’s programs out there that allow you to speak into a microphone and it’ll write everything out in Word for you. I don’t even have to sit down anymore to write. There’s no excuse anymore for my fat ass to sit in a chair all day and slowly develop blood clots in my legs over time. I can exercise and get work done at the same time (not that I would, but you know). Maybe before long I’ll just be able to wear a headband that transmits my thoughts into a computer program so that I don’t even have to speak out loud.

Technology really is an amazing thing.

Question for fellow authors: What is your favorite piece of technology that helps you with your writing?

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