Editor’s Block?

I’m sure everyone out there has heard of writer’s block. But what is it called when you’ve written your novel and you find yourself blocked to edit it? Editor’s block?

Writing is re-writing. And just when you think you’re done, re-writing again. So perhaps it is writer’s block or some hideous form of it. It’s cruel, really. Just when you think you’re nearing the finish line (or the second of many smaller finish lines)… BAM!


I’m not fresh out of ideas, but maybe I’m fresh out of motivation. I’m reading a book by Cathy Yardley in her Rock Your Writing series called Write Every Day and she discusses motivation, along with a host of other possible causes of writer’s block. Maybe I’m just fresh out of energy. Maybe I need to watch some TV and recharge. Or play some Candy Crush.

Whatever the reason, nothing will come and I’m not about to force it. Unless I want to write awful prose which I’ll just need to re-work. Again. It really is a good thing that I’m not writing on a deadline. Or at least not a deadline that’s written in stone.

Maybe I’m just tired of staring at my computer screen. Maybe I just need a nap. Oh, a nap sounds good. Yup, I think I’ll go do that.

Question: There are a few different viewpoints out there when it comes to writer’s block. What’s yours? Is it something that you just need to force yourself through? Do you write a more detailed outline to get you past the block? Or do you just go watch an episode of “Game of Thrones” and eat a bag of M&M’s while everything sorts itself out in your mind?

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