As a friend of mine says, I have learned how to tweet a twit on the Tweeter. I have long resisted the bird song, succumbing only to Facebook until a couple days ago. I did good. I held out for quite a while but now it’s official. I have been twitterfied.

In even bigger social media news, I have followers!

And that leads me to a question… WHY? It’s not like I’ve published anything (yet), so the fact that I have followers is kind of interesting. I don’t want to believe that people will just follow anyone randomly. I want to be tweeted because I’m liked, not because twitter is just a free avenue for self advertisement and promotion. It makes me feel… used.

I kind of like it.

It also leads me to believe that someone could randomly open up a twitter account and call themselves an author and become *famous* without ever having to write a book. Just goes to show, you can be anyone you want to be on the internet.  

As amusing as I find the whole thing, I do really enjoy the cute little quotes and the funny pictures. Free kindle e-books. Links to obscure blogs that I really enjoy. It’s not like I’m obsessively checking it, waiting for additional followers and cyber stalking famous authors. *cough*

I don’t get what the big thing is about social media in general. Okay, so I am addicted to it and Google but I still don’t get it. Why should I care that you’re having pancakes with Grandma Jane at Cracker Barrel? Or that you did 2,284 reps to help sculpt your hideously underdeveloped muscles? I don’t care.

And yet, I’m hooked. Twitter is my crack and Facebook, my heroin. I’m a social media junkie.

Just in case you were wondering, I’m the person that “likes” your post saying that you did 2,285 reps today and beat your all time best. Go you!

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