May 2014

It’s official. I have started work on Book 2 in my Netherworld series.

I must admit, it’s an exciting time. The creation of new characters and the development of others. Who was once a secondary character in Book 1 is now the star of her own tale of love and intrigue. If only I could get away from the ever looming presence of Book 1, staring at me from its home in Scrivener. That little icon on the bottom of the screen, forever a reminder of the mountain of work I have left to do.

Speaking of Book 1… I have made two passes (or was it three?) through the novel and am just about burned out from fiddling with it. I’m working on it, as slow as I may be, and will complete one more pass before I hand it off to my handful of beta readers. I’m going to force myself to get through this long and tedious editing process before I get so caught up in the development of Book 2 that it gets pushed back even more.

In other news, I go back to work tonight and am seriously depressed about the end of my seven day vacation. School starts back on Monday, but it’s my final year so… can that be excitement I’m feeling? Doubtful. It is most likely only a gradual accumulation of stress that is forever making my eyelids twitch. Ah, if only I could stay home all the time and write.
Wish in one hand…

I digress from my original intention of writing this post, which was to announce that I have set a deadline for myself. (FINALLY!)

Book 1 of the Netherworld Series will be available on Amazon in May 2014

Now let’s see if I’m able to write that in stone rather than the sand it’s written in now. Oh, and I should probably come up with a working title. One more thing to add to my to-do list.

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