I am a writer

Over the past few days I have fallen into a slump. I want to write, but there’s little time. I want to study, but again, there’s little time. I need a 48 hour day. Minimum.

Unfortunately, I’m blessed with only 24 hours just like everyone else. Some things will have to fall on the back burner, if only for a short while.

It’s hard to be glued to my computer for as many hours a day as I am without opening those files and escaping in my projects. And the more stressed I become, the more I find my fingers twitching to start pounding away on the keyboard. The more I work, the more I find my mind wandering, weaving intricate plot lines.

I write because it’s my escape. It’s my stress relief. It allows me to get away from all the crap in life and create a world all my own. A place where I am in control of all those characters I create. I can make it rain, I can make people laugh or I can make a building fall on a whim. And, hopefully, I have the ability to create an intriguing and entertaining story that people will enjoy. My escape can become your escape.

Sometimes I’ll write until my eyes are tearing and my fingers hurt. I may even get to the point where my legs are asleep. Then, when I finally pass out, I dream of my worlds and my characters, finding new situations to put them in the next time I sit down in front of my computer. It never really stops, nor do I want it to.

Of course school and work are important. They’re important because I like to have heat in the winter, food to eat, and clothes for my child. They’re important because, outside of writing, I want to further my career and become a better, more well-rounded person. But outside of those things, writing is what I do. It’s who I am. It’s what I’ll always be. I write because there are stories dying to get out and my brain won’t shut up until they’re down on paper. Every person I meet, every place I go, every conversation I have… it’s nothing but research for the next novel.

I am a writer. It’s what I do. It’s who I am. And, given a thousand other choices, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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