Who’s participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

Whilst my beta-readers hoard Book 1, I’m taking this chance to dive into NaNoWriMo with the hopes of completing the rough draft of Book 2. And so far, so good. I’m up to 15K words and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up this pace. Because I mean, who doesn’t just love NaNoWriMo? One month and 50K words. The coffee, the sleepless nights just pounding away they keyboard. Blood, sweat, tears… what’s not to love?

I love the notion of the entire country coming together to sit down and write those pesky novels that have been stewing in their brains for the past who-knows-how-long. It really is an awesome concept. And through the anxiety and the brain farts and the writers block, hanging in there is the best part. We’ll see who survives through the end of the month, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s more writers than not.

So hooray for NaNoWriMo! Keep your chins up and your coffee stocked. Try not to ignore your responsibilities too much while your pursue your dream. Because when you’re done you’ll be able to say, “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” (yes, they really have t-shirts) and you’ll have 50K words done. Completed. And that’s a huge accomplishment.

So keep on keeping on. No looking back… at least until December when you have to sit down and edit the crap out of your manuscript because, hey let’s face it, you rip-roared through the rough draft and now have to take a chop ax to large portions of the text.

But it’s all in good fun. And they have t-shirts. 🙂

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