On to December

Has it truly been over a month since I’ve posted anything? Apparently.

Well, November was crazy. I can say that much at least. NaNoWriMo didn’t quite work out as expected, although I did get 30K done. I know it’s not the same as 50K but it’s still progress so I’ll take it. You know, sometimes life just interrupts everything. All of your well made plans and your intricate scheduling and then BAM! The kid’s sick. BAM! You’re sick. BAM! It’s Thanksgiving. Damn you, November!

Ah, well. On to December. On to Christmas. As if I didn’t have enough stress and worry on my plate, let’s just add the holiday season. Decorations are still in the attic and not showing signs of coming down anytime soon. The house is a mess. I have a test on Monday and a final on the following Monday. Woo. And I’ve gotten absolutely NO shopping done whatsoever. But I am looking forward to my 4 week break, starting immediately after my final on the 16th.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of that extra time. Actually, I do. I have work, naturally. But then on all of my time off I get to write. I get to edit. I get to finish that rough draft I didn’t have the chance to finish last month. It’s going to be a blast. Seriously, I’m looking forward to it. Fun stuff. And maybe after a couple weeks I’ll have a brand-spanking-new Keurig to help me though (*hint hint* to any family members reading this).

So have a wonderful couple of weeks and I’ll see you all on the 16th!

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