Release Day!

Release day never gets old. When ONCE BITTEN came out, my release day was the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced. Now that UP IN FLAMES came out today, I’ve noticed that the excitement doesn’t go away. I’m just as excited for this book as I was for my first, and as I will be for my third. And forth. And fifth. You get the point.

When ONCE BITTEN came out, I went out with some friends, had a Pain Killer that knocked me on my butt at the Mexican restaurant (who has the best cheese dip ever), and just had a good time. Now that UP IN FLAMES is out, I feel like I should go do something. Pop open a bottle of wine? Throw some steaks on the grill? Nah. How about work on book 3?


What better way to celebrate than to keep on keeping on? I got books to write. I have a schedule. I don’t deviate from my schedule, just ask anyone who knows me. I’ll be pointing at a clock in a flash. So much to do, so little time.

But I love it. I love every minute of it. So, maybe I will open a bottle of wine (after 12, of course) and I’ll put on some good music that helps me focus. Shall I listen to 80s rock ballads? How about some John Denver? Or, when in doubt, I can always go back to my trusty Ben Howard.

Regardless, I’m ready to write.

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