Revamp News

There’s a bit of revamping going on. Be on the lookout for new covers for both Once Bitten and Up in Flames. When Sparks Fly will be out before the new year. I’m still stuck doing edits (more of an overhaul than I’d anticipated).

With the cover changes print editions for both Once Bitten and Up in Flames will be going away in the coming weeks, so if you’re the type who loves holding a novel in your hands, now is the time before they’re gone for the foreseeable future. Up in Flames will have additional content with the new cover, although there will no need to re-purchase if you own it already. Plotlines have not changed.

Netherworld book 4 has been written and is also in edits, although it currently doesn’t have a title. I’ve started work on book 5, although that’s proving to be quite the beast and will probably take some time before it’s finished.

Also, be on the lookout for 2 other series I’ve started work on. The first is a sci-fi, the other is fantasy (both romance, of course). I have two completed first drafts but am holding on to them for the moment until I figure out what direction I’m going to take. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew which I’m notorious for.

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