2020… *take 2

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say that 2020 sucked. Like many people, I walked into the new year with a ton of stuff I wanted to accomplish. The stack of books I wanted to release. New ventures. All the things.

Now, here we are. It’s 2021, and I haven’t released a single thing since January 2020. I think I owe a bit of an explanation why that is.

If you weren’t aware, I’m not a full-time author. I’m a full-time RN. COVID-19 has demanded more of my time and energy than I’ve ever had to give before. It doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for writing. Hopefully things will change within the coming months, but until they do, I’m forced to roll with the punches.

However, I’m still attempting to stay optimistic by making plans for the year. There are no guarantees or promises here about dates or anything like that, but trust me when I say that I’m working as hard as I can.

My number one priority is getting Lantos finished and released. I hit some snags along the way, which culminated in me throwing out almost the entire manuscript. No worries, though. The Sobekian Project isn’t going anywhere. It’s just taking longer than I wanted it to. After Lantos is out, the first Netherworld spinoff series will be my next focus.

I’m also planning some overall business changes, but I’ll announce them as I know more or they become relevant.

Much love xx

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  1. Thank you!!!! Thank you for all you do as a nurse, for all the lives you touch, for all the transitions you help patients, and their families make. My daughter is an RN as well, l she calls me every evening on her way home from work. I am her sounding board, her shoulder to cry on, her ear for all the frusteration, and sadness she feels on a daily basis. You guys see the worst of the worst, you see it at a level the general population just can’t understand.
    I know we are all tired, but none as much as that front line that makes such a hugh difference. And then you write these stories that transport the reader to other realities, and make staying home reading a great option! So THANK YOU again. Please don’t ever forget how much you are appreciated!

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    1. Reading your comment was very heartwarming for me 🙂
      Your daughter is extremely lucky to have a mother who is as supportive as you are. There’s nothing that helps more than having someone to talk to after a physically and emotionally draining shift. I don’t think you know how vital it is to have someone like that in order to just keep going some days.
      Thank you!


  2. I was a RN for over 50 years but I retired when Covid-19 became an issue and before there was a vaccine. I appreciate what you do every day!
    I love “The Sobekian Project” series. Even though I belong to Kindle Unlimited I purchased both of the series books so that I will always have them. I am eagerly awaiting the next book when you finish it.
    Stay healthy and safe!


    1. Thank you! Not knowing what to expect during those first few months of Covid was the worst. If I had been in your situation, I would’ve done the same. I hope that you’re enjoying your retirement!
      The Sobekian Project books are my passion project. It makes me happy that you’re enjoying them so much. I’m still working on the third book, but I’m hoping to finish it this quarter. I know people are waiting for it, so as soon as I have a cemented release date, I’ll announce it.


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