Revamp News

There’s a bit of revamping going on. Be on the lookout for new covers for both Once Bitten and Up in Flames. When Sparks Fly will be out before the new year. I’m still stuck doing edits (more of an overhaul than I’d anticipated).

With the cover changes print editions for both Once Bitten and Up in Flames will be going away in the coming weeks, so if you’re the type who loves holding a novel in your hands, now is the time before they’re gone for the foreseeable future. Up in Flames will have additional content with the new cover, although there will no need to re-purchase if you own it already. Plotlines have not changed.

Netherworld book 4 has been written and is also in edits, although it currently doesn’t have a title. I’ve started work on book 5, although that’s proving to be quite the beast and will probably take some time before it’s finished.

Also, be on the lookout for 2 other series I’ve started work on. The first is a sci-fi, the other is fantasy (both romance, of course). I have two completed first drafts but am holding on to them for the moment until I figure out what direction I’m going to take. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew which I’m notorious for.

Upcoming Netherworld Releases

Phew. I got news. Don’t you just love that?

So here’s the thing: I put out these two books (Once Bitten and Up In Flames) YEARS ago and never got around to finishing the series. That was kinda crappy of me. Now, keep in mind, my publisher went out of business and honestly, I spent a lot of time wondering if I wanted to even continue writing. I got a bit dramatic about the entire thing.

Now add on that I met the hubs and got a little tangled up in new romance, marriage, life… my books got away from me. After awhile, I settled down and said “I’m going to finish that damn series one way or another”. It’s my baby, after all. It’s been growing steadily in my mind for years and years and years.

I got all gung-ho and sat down and whipped out most of book 3, half of book 4, and got a decent start on book 5. Guess what happened then? Computer crashed. I lost EVERYTHING. And, because I like to live dangerously, I didn’t have anything backed up. The only thing I had left was a printed out rough copy of book 3.

My husband, being my beacon of support, bought me a new computer and reminded me (repeatedly) that my books aren’t going to write themselves. If I want to be an author, I have to do it. After hearing numerous Yoda quotes (“Do or do not…”) and being asked repeatedly how that book was coming along, I sat my butt down in my office and started writing.

I used my print out of book 3 and began typing it into a new Word document. Now here’s the real kicker: I read it as I went and I hated it. Book 3 sucked. That’s the thing about letting these books stew for so long…the stories have already changed in my mind and have morphed into something a bit different than they were years before.

I’m hoping these monster changes end up being a good thing, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Book 3 – after much molding and refining – is finally finished. It’s in the hands of beta readers and editors, all with their red pens primed and ready. Book 4 is nearing completion and will hopefully be ready for edits within the next week or two.

My wonderful husband also made sure I have an external hard drive hooked up with all my files backed up on it. He’s so smart 🙂 He’s already told me I should’ve listened the first time, and he’s right. But hey, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

As of right now, Book 3 (WHEN SPARKS FLY is the working title for now but that may or may not change) will be released by November 1st. That’s my promise. I still need a cover and all that jazz, but it’ll get done. Book 4 (WILD AND UNTAMED for now) should be out within 6 weeks after Book 3. IF I can maintain this momentum, Book 5 should be out by the beginning of 2019.

I’ll post updates as I know them 🙂

PS: Thanks for being patient. And for those who haven’t been, thanks for being a huge pain. I mean that. I love y’all.


Welcome! I put together this little site to make it easier for everyone to stay up to date with upcoming new releases, as well as information on works in progress. 🙂

As of this moment the only books available from the Netherworld Series are ONCE BITTEN and UP IN FLAMES. These two books are re-releases of previously published works. They’re also the first two books in a series of what will be a total of seven.

WHEN SPARKS FLY is the 3rd installment of the Netherworld Series which will feature the story of Maggie and Jonah. It’s slated for release sometime this fall and will be published independently. If you’re inpatient, I’ve included the first chapter at the end of UP IN FLAMES.

ONCE BITTEN and UP IN FLAMES are both available exclusively with Amazon for right now. They’re part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a member then you get to read for free!

Questions? Shoot me a comment or an e-mail.

“If I waited for perfection I would never write a word.” – Margaret Atwood