Netherworld Series

This is a 7 part paranormal romance series. I recommend reading the books in order for maximum enjoyment and understanding. There are (as of right now) three different spin-off series in the works that will focus on the supporting characters.

More information to come.

Blood Moon (Netherworld 7)

Carey Tremblay isn’t just a witch, she’s a norn–one of the mysterious weavers of destiny able to see and control the future. Psychic visions are a regular occurrence for her, but it takes just one to lead Carey down a path on the quest to save all those she loves from the maniacal warlock hellbent on destruction. With multiple lives on the line, the last thing she needs is a distraction in the form of a sexy hybrid named Finn.

Finn saved the norn years ago when he still went by the name of Phineas, a shifter/vampire hybrid who worked as a Council Enforcement officer. Now, more than two decades later, he’s back to play bodyguard for a woman who can barely stomach his presence. As Carey’s enemies close in, Finn must not only protect the woman from the warlocks hunting her, but also from himself.

Before Dawn (Netherworld 6)

The only thing Natalie Everhart ever wanted was a husband, kids, and the occasional adventure. Instead, she finds herself single with zero prospects and not even a pet to keep her company. One drunken love spell later, she’s knee-deep in all things supernatural with a seductive werewolf protector who wants her help infiltrating the secret Netherworld council.

Declan Azarov has stayed out of Netherworld politics for long enough. For too many years he’s seen families ripped apart under the rule of the current regime. When he’s asked to guard Natalie, he recognizes her value immediately. Not only is the woman gorgeous, but she’s trustworthy and convincing in the role he needs her to play: that of a potential mate. Only now Declan can’t decide who she’s convinced more, his enemies or himself. 

Taken by Darkness (Netherworld 5)

Cole has been taking orders from Dis, the nefarious warlock ruler, his entire life. He does his job and doesn’t ask too many questions, which is the only reason why he’s still breathing. His newest order? Annihilate the witches of Cantor. When he snatches Andrea from her home, Cole can’t suppress the gnawing suspicion she may just be his only hope in overthrowing the oppressive leader and saving what’s left of his family from collapse.

The only thing Andrea Connelly can do is survive. Dragged from her home, she’s been thrust into a nightmare she doesn’t understand, but she isn’t one to just lay down and die. Refusing to give up, Andrea must convince her kidnapper that he’s stronger with her at his side since it’s only together that they’ll be able to escape those who seek to destroy them both.

Wild and Untamed (Netherworld 4)

Thanks to a love spell gone wrong, Beth Muller is being hunted. Her chances of survival on her own? Zero. Beth may be in denial about the whole thing, but she’s still assigned a werewolf protector who’s managed to get under her skin. Now Beth’s goal is to make him as crazy as he’s making her with his brooding and sultry looks.

Kaleb Azarov has better things to do than play babysitter, like running his family-owned bar and keeping out of the trouble brewing in the Netherworld. But when his brother calls, he doesn’t have a choice but to agree to protect the sexy human who drives him to distraction. Keeping her safe may just be impossible if he can’t get her to recognize the danger she’s in from the Netherworld, their enemies, and his own overwhelming need to claim her.

When Sparks Fly (Netherworld 3)

With her life falling into the toilet, Maggie Alfieri decides to escape to the mountain town of New Freedom for a much-needed vacation with her best friend. What should be a relaxing few days turns into a new kind of hell for Maggie when a tragic accident leaves her desperately searching for her lost friend in the wilderness. Now there’s only one person she can turn to for help and that’s the only man she’s ever loved. The very same man who broke her heart eight years before.

Shifter Jonah Cowan has been in love with Maggie since he was a child. He’s tried to keep her at a distance since Maggie is human, but it’s impossible when just being near her fuels his mating instinct. A search for a missing girl turns into a struggle for survival when the fae declare war on the shifter town. Jonah’s priority is to keep Maggie safe and out of the crossfire, but will he be able to protect her from himself?

Up in Flames (Netherworld 2)

Feared dragon, Liam McIntyre, is resolved to stay out of the conflict between his neighbors, the fae of Péine and the shifters of New Freedom. That changes as soon as he sees the helpless woman tied to a stake in the middle of the fae village. The mysterious woman leaves him wanting and he is determined to keep her. 

For Heidi Corrigan, the mountain getaway with her friend to New Freedom is her first vacation. It may also be her last when she’s kidnapped by a group of fae warriors determined to burn her as a witch. Rescued by a sexy dragon, Heidi must find her way back to New Freedom, but her new dragon protector has other ideas in mind.

Once Bitten (Netherworld 1)

Lila Connelly and her friends have gotten themselves into some trouble. They’ve managed to cast a drunken spell that brings a supernatural secret society already in political unrest – the Netherworld – to their doorsteps. One faction of the Netherworld, the warlocks, want them dead since the magic they’ve conjured has branded them as the warlocks’ enemy number one: witches.

Gabriel Azarov is a werewolf and owner of the bar that Lila and her friends frequent. He has been bringing Lila drinks for years and has always harbored secret feelings for her, feelings he’s never acted upon since Lila’s human status keeps her strictly hands-off. But then everything changes when she saves his life and he’s honor bound to return the favor by protecting her from the warlocks who are hunting her. Only now their close quarters make it impossible to stay away from her. Or keep his hands to himself.

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