A new novella series featuring the Oceanids is in the works. For those of you who don’t know, Oceanids are shapeshifting mer-people living in the same Netherworld universe. Right now this is a three book novella series, but that may change. It just depends on where the winds – or the waves – take me.


LOTAN – Oceanids 1

Lotan is now available exclusively through Amazon!

Scrubbing floors in a private research facility is her own personal nightmare but Ruthie does it with a smile, albeit a fake one. When she finds what some of the scientists have been working on in one of the labs, she can’t sit back and allow it to happen. There’s only one choice: rescue the merman. Oops. Rescue the Oceanid.

Lotan was captured off the coast of Maryland by a science researcher with a proclivity for hurting women. He’s confined to an aquarium and subjected to all sorts of science experiments but when a sexy janitor offers him a one-time chance at escape, he takes it. The only problem is now that she knows what he is he can’t just let her go, nor does he want to.


CID – Oceanids 2


Drowning in the Caribbean isn’t how Mia thought she’d go, yet it didn’t stop her from falling overboard on a party cruise. If it hadn’t been for the Oceanid with the alluring voice, she’d be fish bait. When she’s whisked away to a secluded island, she’s torn between staying with the sexy fish-man and returning back to real life.

Cid was captivated as soon as he saw Mia sitting alone on the back of a party cruise boat. He didn’t mean to open his mouth and enthrall her, but now he’s stuck with a woman who can’t keep her hands off him. Being honorable has never been such a pain. But once Mia’s no longer under the Oceanid spell, will she even want to stay? And what can Cid do to convince the human that he’s the one who’s enthralled?